IMG_1291 IMG_1294Purchased from: Solestruck
Brand: Y.R.U.

How FUCKing rad are these YRU loafers? Life would be boring with out a little bit of controversy right? So keep them on your toes!(did you catch that?) These are a must have in my books and for the price($59.95) WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

Anyways, I fell in love at first sight with these babies when I opened up a new arrivals email from Solestruck. Since they’ve finally arrived, I had a mini shoot of them.  And as a new segment and ritual for my blog(called JE T’ADORE/SERIOUS ISSHOES), I’ll be sharing new shoe purchases and finds with links that will direct you right to them! I’m obviously a shopaholic, addicted to shoes, and sneakers so this is something I can’t wait to continue featuring often.

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